Asset Management

Andrew Ang


"This splendid book lays out the important lessons that a new generation of finance research has learned about markets and investing, in a thoughtful and accessible way. Ang focuses on real issues for real players, and distills practical lessons about investment strategies and the investment process."

John H. Cochrane, The University of Chicago, Booth School of Business

"Andrew Ang's inspirational book presents new, important, and influential concepts on investment. He oozes enthusiasm for his subject, and generously shares his experience of putting cutting-edge ideas into practice."
Elroy Dimson, London Business School and Cambridge Judge Business School

"Every professional asset manager should read Ang's Asset Management, easily the most thoughtfully written, accessible, and carefully researched treatment of the topic. Each chapter is an expertly guided tour."
Darrell Duffie, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

"Andrew Ang eloquently synthesizes current research on investing together with his own approach to asset management into a highly readable and authoritative book. It is simply the best new book on asset management that I have read - approachable by non-specialists and a treasure for managers and scholars already familiar with the topic. This book is an essential guide to one of the world's most important topics."
William N. Goetzmann, Yale School of Management

"It is no surprise that many of us have been using the unfinished chapters of Andrew Ang's Asset Management for teaching. For over 10 years, there has been glaring lacuna when it comes to textbooks for the teaching of investment finance. Andrew's book fills this void and is destined to become the standard text in investments at top graduate schools. It will also be a must-read for practitioners of investment finance."
Campbell R. Harvey, Duke University Journal of Finance (2006-2012)

"This book is a comprehensive, accessible, and adept exposition of the pivotal role played by factor exposures in markets and in portfolio design. Ang shows how these principles can be used to guide both individual investors as well as institutions, and financial practitioners now have a must read source for this critical material."
Steve Ross, Sloan School, MIT

"The last time I was asked to comment on a book of this quality and applicability I threatened to harm the author for potentially putting me out of a job. I repeat the threat in this case."
Cliff Asness, Founder, Managing Principal, and Chief Investment Officer, AQR Capital Management

"The phrases 'finance textbook' and 'page-turner' rarely occupy the same sentence or even the same paragraph, but Asset Management: A Systematic Approach to Factor Investing, by Andrew Ang, the Ann F. Kaplan Professor of Business at Columbia University, justifies that pairing of terms."

William Bernstein, Co-Principal, Efficient Frontier Advisors LLC

“Ang is that oxymoron, an exciting investment writer.”

Phil Demuth, Forbes Contributor, Managing Director, Conservative Wealth Management LLC

"As Andrew Ang knows, the best way to achieve good investment results is to get the portfolio structure right for each client and the key to that is systematic factor investing."
Charles D. Ellis, author of Winning the Loser's Game

"Despite its title, this is much more than a textbook on asset management. Andrew Ang writes in an engaging style that cites his extensive investment experience, without giving up any of the rigor that we would expect from such a prominent academic."
Roger G. Ibbotson, Chairman of Zebra Capital Management and Professor in Practice Emeritus, Yale School of Management

"Professor Ang is leading the factor investing revolution. Written with great clarity and authority, Asset Management is a true pleasure to read."
Knut Norheim Kjær, Founding CEO of Norges Bank Investment Management and Co-founding Partner of Trient Asset Management

"Andrew's new book is a useful practitioner-oriented update of the developments in asset management in recent decades. For example, assets are seen as bundles of factors, the fundamental drivers which provide the 'nutrients' that drive returns. This framing is certainly helpful in understanding recent developments in the industry. Moreover, the cases which motivate each chapter very nicely tie together the theory and the practice."
Bob Litterman, Chair of the Risk Committee at Kepos Capital, a hedge fund based in New York

"With this book, Professor Ang provides a wonderful gift to all investors. He gently guides readers to a full understanding of the global body of knowledge underlying advanced portfolio management in an easy, assessable way-unencumbered by technical jargon. Read this book, put it on your bookshelf, it will be a treasured resource for years to come."
Rodney Sullivan, Editor, Financial Analysts Journal, CFA Institute